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Extraordinary Women's League Community

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Unite with extraordinary women, unlock your confidence & unleash your full potential.

Welcome, Extraordinary One, and Congratulations! You’ve Found the Tribe You’ve Been Longing For.  

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The Extraordinary Women's League (EWL) is a community of Extraordinary Women reclaiming our lives starting with the premise: We Are Already Extraordinary.

Members of the EWL celebrate the value of uniting with other women with a growth mindset to strengthen our personal understanding, sharpen our life skills and increase our confidence to unleash our full potential, while creating Extraordinary lives on our terms.

In a community that embraces the universal duality of being both a masterpiece and a work in progress all at the same time, the EWL has a heart-centered mission that allows us to unlock our inner power, develop life, love and leadership skills and rediscover strength and joy.

The EWL does this through an extraordinary community of diverse women. On our exclusive platform, you’ll find kinship and power through:

  • Skilled coaching
  • Accountability sisters
  • Expert powerhouse virtual and live workshops
  • EWL Community Events
  • Culinary experiences
  • Thought salons
  • EWL miracle playbooks/workbooks
  • Cocktail/Mocktail parties
  • ExtraordinaireWear™ apparel, and
  • Destination retreats.

The EWL is a community of empowerment, designed to ignite Extraordinary women at any age and life stage, to address core issues or patterns hindering personal or professional success, while forming inspired friendships in a supportive, inspiring community. The EWL enables women to identify their unique gifts, unlock their innate power to take action, and celebrate and elevate themselves, together.

The EWL is a community of authentic women, unleashed. We are truly in a League of our own.

Joining the EWL is the best way to access exciting benefits that will fill up your life, love and leadership toolbox with EWL lessons, learning and inspiration. Surprise gifts and bonuses are dropped at many virtual and live EWL member events.

Full access to an inclusive growth community of supportive Extraordinary Women

  • Engagement with other members on an easy-to-use, private community platform
  • Access year-round to all EWL Community online events
  • 30 sessions a year of online series programming, including:
    • Extraordinary Life, Love & Leadership Coaching with June
    • Extraordinary Women Who Lead ~ Taking Stock in Herself
    • Extraordinary Women of WELLth Academy
    • Extraordinary Women Connect – Cocktails/Mocktails, Cake & Confidence    
  • Gain traction on your life goals with an EWL accountability system
  • Unlimited access to the EWL Video Library - recordings that inspire
  • All offerings will be recorded for convenience and easy review

  • Priority registration to all EWL events
  • Priority offers on all ExtraordinarYou VIP Private Coaching
  • Ticket discounts on Live EWL workshops, summits, local community adventures, cocktail/mocktail events and dinner parties
  • Discounts on EWL merchandise and ExtraordinaireWear™
  • Discounts on US and global workshops and destination retreats
  • Special Invitation to “Bring an Extraordinary Woman Friend Event”

Extraordinary Life, Love & Leadership Coaching with June

Everything you always wanted to address, untangle, achieve and more! Elevate and celebrate yourself side by side with other Extraordinary Women, gaining new tools and personal insights on a dedicated journey to honor yourself, your dreams, your desires, and your important goals.

Extraordinary Women Who Lead ~ Taking Stock in Herself

Prepare to be inspired. Designed to support the journey as you move towards making your important impact, this series introduces leaders and coaching influencers to the group who are kicking ass and breaking glass. The sessions will be rich in inspiration and life and leadership strategies for success in every area.

Extraordinary Women of WELLth Academy

This series focuses on developing a WELLthy made for more mindset, in order to develop a rich life, whatever that means for you. Here we explore taming the anxious mind, the quest for financial freedom, cultivating optimal brain health, and the importance of developing a nurturing gratitude practice that offers food for the soul.

Extraordinary Women Connect - Cocktails/Mocktails, Cake and Confidence

These informal virtual sessions offer the chance to indulge in the “extra” parts of ExtraordinarYou. With the cocktail/mocktail of your choice in hand, we’ll fill our life cups to the brim in conversation with diverse, kind, brilliant women. We’ll exchange thoughtful ideas and deep connection as well as have excessive loads of fun with one another.

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“When we live in our power and begin to lift limiting beliefs, dare I say, miracles appear.” – June Grushka-Rosen, M.Ed., Founder of the Extraordinary Women’s League and ExtraordinarYou VIP Coaching 

June Grushka-Rosen, M.Ed., started the Extraordinary Woman's League for one reason and one reason only: to empower every woman to own that she is Already Extraordinary.

As women, we often give everything we have personally and professionally to others before ourselves. We can become so disconnected from our passion and purpose that we stop dreaming, lose our voices, struggle with boundaries, relationships, and behaviors that no longer serve us. Our visions for our lives, no matter how big or small, become blurry.

EWL was created to provide superior heart-centered coaching by June and other thought leaders in the field. With a clear vision defined, and accountability from a diverse community of bright women, you’ll reach your full potential.

Founder & CEO, ExtraordinarYou Coaching and the Extraordinary Women’s League 

June Grushka-Rosen, M.Ed. is an Empowered Women’s Life, Love and Leadership Coach with a master’s degree in counseling psychology, and decades of experience coaching individuals, groups, organizations, and corporations. She’s the founder and CEO of both ExtraordinarYou VIP private coaching and The Extraordinary Women’s League, helping her clients get unstuck without becoming unglued. 

June works closely with her VIP private coaching clients and members of the Extraordinary Women’s League Community with laser-sharp guidance, strategic tools and a giant heart. Her signature framework for living an Extraordinary Life has helped thousands of women reignite their passion and purpose, untangle old patterns and limiting beliefs, and find the unstoppable confidence to actualize their important goals, dreams, and deep desires. 

June is a champion for all issues faced by women and a lover of humanKIND, art, design, music, travel, and making and eating extraordinary dishes. Her happy place is by the ocean with her husband, young adult kids (Sasha & Eli) and her silky Maine Coon Bernadette, and in warm authentic conversation with friends old and new.

June is eternally grateful to her “Love Army” of people in the EWL Community, friends, family and the ICU medical team who supported her and her family when her husband Jon was gravely ill with COVID in 2020. Harnessing the power of humanity within us all, June is a firm believer that when we live in the field of miracles, miracles happen.

What is the Reason to Join the Extraordinary Women's League?

"June has a way of seeing you as a person and I connected with her - not just on a mental level. She felt trustworthy.  As the relationship developed, June cracked it open and also called me out on stuff, which made me fall in love with her even more.  When you feel compelled and ready, seek out June. When you are ready for transformation, participating in EWL in addition to the many supplemental [coaching] opportunities will enhance your life significantly, but you have to be ready! It won’t make any sense if you are not ready. If you’re looking for a person who honors you as an individual and not just a client or a number, June is the right person." 

~ Natasha Andrews, Extraordinary Woman

"June knows how to get to the heart of anything. June is all heart! During her coaching sessions, June guides me to go deeper and deeper within myself, to root out my fears, feelings, insecurities, and challenges. My dreams for today and my future. June brings me in touch with my Soul."

~ Amy McCoy, Extraordinary Woman

"Using a life coach wasn’t initially something I was looking for, but the idea of a group of women who were all trying to work on some kind of personal development was something I loved. We all had different goals, but to be around people who wanted to empower themselves as well as encourage other women was great. The Extraordinary Women’s League gives us resources for connecting with other helpful people." 

~ Kim Borgmann-Hayes, Extraordinary Woman

"During my time being coached by June, I learned how to use my voice and the power it provided. June also taught me how to “master the ask” using my newly found voice.  June taught me how to believe in myself and my abilities and turn off the noise in my head saying I was not good enough. June helped me to get unstuck and to not let my fears dictate my life. It’s not about the money, it’s been life changing in all ways!!! I am so extremely grateful for June for all that she has done for me." 

~ Stacy H., Extraordinary Woman

"I felt like I could use some support and community around me.  The EWL was a great way to connect with each woman and get to know them better and build a community.  In the EWL, June is great at helping you build a network of people around you.  June helped me find my power, find areas where I'm strong, listened to me and told me where she sees my strengths and move in that direction and use that strength for my betterment.  June has helped me look at things in a different way in life, helped me to celebrate the small wins and stay optimistic.  In the EWL, June was always behind us when we had doubts, such as, what if it doesn’t work out? June would say: 'Oh but what if it does? How can you keep your gifts from other people?!' June and the EWL are supportive and encouraging!"  

~ Jennifer Kaminski, Extraordinary Woman

"I wanted to make moves, but it was difficult.  You either make the change or the change happens for you.  My job came to an end and I either needed to stay or not stay.  You have little "Tinkerbells" whispering in your ear, sending you the messages that you need to hear, that you've forgotten about.  This is the path you wanted to take.  The resonating theme with so many of June's programs is: Believe in yourself.  Trust yourself.  Lean on each other.  We, as women, should have the, "We can do it!" mentality, but it's okay to reach out and ask for help.  I was looking for group support.  Listening to everyone else's story and realizing that we had more in common than we all realized.  The EWL provided support, peace of mind and reassurance that I'm not the only one out here struggling.  We all have similar struggles, even though we are all very different." 

~ Suzette Price, Extraordinary Woman